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facial muscle toning for anti-aging

Facial Muscle Toning
The "Lunch-Time Facelift"

Facial toning uses micro-current technology applied directly to the face to provide almost instant lifting effects. The treatment has become well publicised by celebrity’s who praise its anti aging effects. Better still this procedure is a cost effective and relaxing treatment. When compared to the long and painful days spent after a surgical facelift it is most definitely the best way to go.

The original micro-current technology was first invented to aid those with facial palsy and re-educate their muscle movement. Over the last 16 years the technology has been developed by the beauty industry to smooth and plump tired and distressed skin back to its youthful state. Facial toning is carried out by using cotton tipped wands to transmit micro-current energy to all 32 muscles within the face. The electrical current mimics that of the body's own electrical charge producing a chemical reaction that re-stimulates the body's natural collagen. This assists the skins regeneration process and provides instant visible effects including skin re-hydration, muscle toning and an overall smoothing effect.

Facial toning is ideal for those who want to see instant lifted results without the expensive price tag of a surgical procedure. Effects are visible from the first treatment however a full course is always recommended to obtain optimum benefits. Facial Toning is a natural way to create youthful looking skin. The treatment allows the therapist to retrain and manipulate facial muscles in to a more toned and tightened state, this process alters the overall appearance of the face as would a surgical facelift but for a lot less money and saving you a lot more time! Facial toning can also be used to benefit those with specific facial conditions. Due to the production of collagen the micro-current technology provides results which can be seen for those with facial or acne scaring, sun damaged and problematic skin; although it is always best to consult your doctor before undertaking such treatments.